I want Guanxi, You Want Guanxi

Build your China network.

51guanxi.com is a private members only community to connect Chinese and Foreigners to build, nurture, and grow their businesses.

51guanxi.com 是一个提供中国会员与外国会员创建交流联络的平台,用于他们的商务拓展。

It is moderated actively by a team in Shenzhen, China to ensure the quality of posts is relevant for China business. The team also actively engages the members to connect with the right potential business partners in our network.




Q: What does 51guanxi mean?

51guanxi 是什么意思呢?

A: 51 is commonly used to in "internet chinese" lingo to mean "I Want" (wo yao) and guanxi is a popular (but controversial) word in Chinese that represents doing business through relationships.


We believe this name, "I want Guanxi" is a perfect fit for this closed, invite only network in China. It is definitely a website Chinese will not forget!


Q: But real Chinese businessmen never check social media + won't update their profiles


EXACTLY WHY THIS COMMUNITY EXISTS! 这就是51guanxi.com诞生的原因!  - our active community development team in Shenzhen will monitor what forum posts and activities are there, and then call / QQ / meet the appropriate chinese businessman to get answers and services you need! We are your virtual China agent!